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Time: 02:00PM – 02:45PM

Title: Improving public behaviour for infection prevention and sepsis awareness



Public Health education on infection prevention and sepsis awareness through an interactive web-based programme


Benefits of Attending:  

Learn about an innovative, evidence-based method for improving public behaviour in regards to infection prevention.

Learn how this program can help prevent infections and increase early identification of sepsis identify the economic impact of this type of program on the national health care budget


Brief Summary of Content:

This presentation will highlight an innovative method for public education on infection prevention and sepsis awareness. The program is designed to be highly interactive, web-based and available on any platform. Complex infection prevention topics are taught in a simple to understand, a game-like program that is intended for all ages. The program is customizable to different audiences, from schools to employers. By teaching simple yet effective behaviour change principles for infection prevention, more complex conditions like sepsis can be avoided. The potential economic impact will be presented and will demonstrate how an innovative program like ours can have an enormous financial as well as clinical benefit if used in a mass public education effort. The lasting and far-reaching effect of our program can help protect everyone from simple infections such as the cold & flu to other communicable diseases.

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